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About One Church Sacramento

Our Church History

One Church Sacramento is the result of the merger of two churches with a shared vision of advancing God's Kingdom in Oak Park and Greater Sacramento. Our church has a rich history of serving the community and providing spiritual guidance and support to our members. We are committed to creating a diverse and unified community, offering various services and activities such as God moments shared by our people, serving local neighborhood schools, and a culture of discipleship.

Keeping the Faith

At One Church Sacramento, we are focused on making and developing Jesus followers who enjoy, show, and share His love, as well as living as a family and being an outpost of God's Kingdom, influencing the city to reflect heavenly values. Our community is centered around Jesus' love and we maintain our faith by gathering together for worship, prayer, and fellowship.

Spiritual Community

One Church Sacramento is dedicated to building a spiritual community that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive. We believe that every individual is uniquely created in God's image and has a place in our community. We offer various opportunities for spiritual growth, including Bible studies, small groups, and mentoring programs. Our goal is to unite and send a diverse community so that neighbors find hope, belonging, and beauty in Jesus.

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