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Jesus became like us, to reach us. He did not only serve us, but lived among us. We aim not just to love, but live alongside others. We aim to love the diverse, the different, and the despondent since this was all of us at one time. We love those who are sometimes neglected by the church and those who feel rejected by society. With His help, we courageously share Jesus and intentionally love like Jesus.


Our mission is to make and develop Jesus followers who are compelled to love because of His love. We do this by serving our neighborhood, compelled by the love of Christ for the glory of God. Click on any of our serving efforts by clicking on the links below.

Hope Literacy 

Hope Tech 

Josh's Heart 

Strengthening Families

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Our mission is to understand, engage, and reach our global community with sincerity and the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by investing in these partnerships around the world. 

We partner with Permanecer Ministries in Mexico. Much of the work they do is supporting Mercy Ministries. These ministries originate from local pastors who have been called by God to demonstrate God's love and mercy to their communities.

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