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God is not impersonal or distant, but a loving Father and Daddy. We are deeply loved by Him. He actually enjoys us. Like a young child with their father, we love walking alongside of our Father. We seek to know Him through the Word and experience His presence as we walk with Him through life. Our joy comes from resting in His love and acceptance of us in the midst of our process and shortcomings.

- John 15:1-11 - 



We are not designed to live this life alone. Our Father has adopted us into His family with many other sons and daughters. We love deeply, live generously, and make our Father's mission our family's main ambition! Since our Father warmly welcomes us into His family, we welcome others into our family. Not just people who are like us, but people from different backgrounds. As a family, we seek to intentionally and invest in one another. 

- 1 Corinthians 12-13 - 

Julia reading.heic


Jesus became like us, to reach us. He did not only serve us, but lived among us. We aim not just to love, but live alongside others. We aim to love the diverse, the different, and the despondent since this was all of us at one time. We love those who are sometimes neglected by the church and those who feel rejected by society. With His help, we courageously share Jesus and intentionally love like Jesus.

- Luke 10:25-37 - 

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